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About us

Our Story

From humble beginnings Partners by Design is now celebrating 25 years in business, no mean feat in a turbulent and fast paced world. We have steadily built our customer base over the years and our client retention is excellent with some being with us for over 15 years. This would suggest that we are providing the right kind of service and the results that our customers are looking for.

In our opinion, small is beautiful. We are not top heavy with pressure to cover massive overheads and this gives us the flexibility to charge competitively without sacrificing the quality of what we produce and the way we deliver it.

No two briefs are the same so contact us to discuss your individual requirements without obligation.

Our approach

We often ask a new client what they don’t want. By understanding what their preferences are, from the get go, we can come up with a proposal that hits the brief and avoids unnecessary delay. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need and your patronage is not a platform for us to hijack an idea and showboat it exclusively for our benefit alone.

Our preference is to keep your business for the longterm and not a one off project. To do that we need to gain your trust and for all parties to enjoy working together. If you are considering us for a one off project, no problem – we would rather deliver it to your satisfaction and be the company you choose to work with again when another opportunity comes around.


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